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My daughter started Temple Playhouse in September at the age of 2 and a half and by December she knew all her letter recognition and sounds. By 3 years and 2 months she was reading her first books!! The teachers are loving and fun and all the kids go running into the school happily and cry when they have to leave! They have a great security system and take the kids out for fresh air. They learn all kinds of things from the Art of van Gogh to Prime Ministers of Canada and also are very creative with crafts. I would highly recommend this school to anyone with bright children as they really encourage them and this certainly is an enrichment program!

Our son loves the pre-school program, they discuss many different topics, do crafts and go outside. And the team is extremely nice and loving with the children.
We really like it.

Your year end performance was beyond impressive.

Dear Celia and Samantha, I'm recruiting another physician family relocating from the UK who will eventually require child care. I'm investigating options for them, and am thrilled to see your smiling faces on your website! I have such wonderfully fond memories of your school. I often think she learnt more in one year with you than at any other time throughout her schooling years! And of course your end of year performances were amazing and have influenced her love of the stage ever since. Thank you for the superb care, loving environment and stimulating educational setting. You're the best! I'm always thrilled to refer new physicians and their children to your centre. I hope you're all well. With much appreciation many years later.

It has an interesting after school program, where children learn their numbers, letters and french. It's a complement for school and it serves the purpose of extended care for those parents who work and need a place to leave your child.
It also has a preschool which I've heard all very nice things.

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