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Celia Berlin


Samantha Berlin

Supervisor B.A., R.E.C.E.


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To provide a safe, secure and loving place for your children to learn, grow,  develop and play.



We believe that children thrive on love and a sense of direction, and that children learn best in a caring environment. We understand that the early years are among the most important of your child's life and we provide a stimulating well-balanced program of learning and play.



We are a Licensed Centre, all of our staff qualifications meet or exceed Ministry standards. Our dedicated Early Childhood Educators have been selected for their personal qualities of warmth, energy, caring and their knowledge of child development. We are all trained in the Government's document How Does Learning Happen: Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years, and the Child Care Early Years Act (2014). Staff are trained to administer EpiPens in the event that a child suffers from a life-threatening allergy. All of our staff maintain current First Aid and C.P.R. certificates.

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